Full Spectrum: Primarily Color in Chelsea

Posted by Brianna LeBeau on Jan 19, 2016 5:22:29 PM


On December 3, 2015, Atlantic Gallery hosted the Professional Women Photographers’ exhibition Primarily Color, a small works show in which "color...takes center stage."

Atlantic Gallery is among two-dozen galleries located in the Landmark Arts Building located in Chelsea. The building provides an alternative art space. Its intimate space allows viewers to get close to each piece. There is also something that sets Atlantic aside from the other galleries in the Landmark Arts Building: its focus on photography. Some of the Artists at Atlantic Gallery are Carol Crawford, Jeff Miller, and Sidney Russell.

Carol Crawford has a background in documentary photography. She focuses on a range of different media: photography, wood acrylics, graphics, collage, projections, film and more. Her work has been seen in many galleries and museums in Canada, Europe, Japan and the United States.

Jeff Miller focuses on drawings and sculpture. His inspiration includes the human face and life itself. His drawings are lifelike, making some look more like photographs.

Sidney Russell is a painter. She has had great experience in scenic painting for theater and movies. Russell has a range of mediums from oil on canvas to cast aluminum sculptures.

Professional Women Photographers is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to the advancement of women photographers. Professional Women Photographers, or PWP, was created in 1975 with an exhibition at the Fashion Institute of Technology called Breadth of Vision: Portfolios of Women Photographers. In the 1980s and 1990s, PWP began to set up exhibitions. One exhibition, in particular, Women Photographers: New York/Tokyo, traveled visiting the Untied States, Japan, and Europe. PWP promotes individual grown as well as public interest in photography. PWP offers many events to help women photographers network and further develop their skills. Members range from photojournalists to fine art photographers. There is also a range in skill/ experience level from professionals to emerging artists.

Professional Women Photographers also has a community outreach program that helps struggling New Yorkers by donating photography services to a nonprofit. This also includes mentoring and photography lessons for children in need.


“Where color takes center stage” is how Lita Riddock, a member of the PWP board of directors, describes the exhibition. Primarily Color is a small works show, which is in reference to the size of each work. Advantages to small works shows are that the audience gets to get close to the piece, creating a more intimate viewing experience. Riddock spoke about small works, “Manhattan there are two types of people, people with a lot of wall space, and then there’s the rest of us.” She continued, “this is a good way for a young collector or a beginning collector to get started.”

The first wall focused on color in nature. Eye-popping reds in flowers and blues in butterflies caught everyone's attention. It was not just the color that drew the eye to a photograph, but also the use of framing and matting. Some frames provided a great contrast to the color in the photograph while others remained white to focus on the color in the photograph. Each photograph was uniqu.IMG_5889.jpgIMG_5891-1.jpg


The opening was a success. The small gallery was lit up with color and life as the opening drew a very big crowd. Even though the space was small, the vast amount of pictures and plenty of attendees made the exhibition feel immense.

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