Recipe of the Month: The Best Ham Sandwich You've Ever Made

Posted by Suzanne Balestier on Nov 9, 2015 9:48:50 AM

Before I started experimenting with specific recipes, I always had a neutral feeling about sandwiches. I would pick my meat, my cheese, and maybe I would choose my bread accordingly. Then decide: mayo or butter? And if I was really feeling fancy I would put lettuce, tomato, or maybe even both, but what I have discovered is that I should never be okay with a mundane lunch! Plus, it turns out that it is actually really easy to put together an impressive sandwich! Using what I just had left in the fridge from the week I made myself one of the best and most satisfying ham sandwiches I’ve ever had. Here is how:


A few thick slices of Ham 
(Not sliced deli ham! we are talking thick slices from a big boneless ham! Buy the whole chunk and keep in the freezer for up to 6 weeks and defrost as needed in the fridge the night before.)

2 slices of a Rye Loaf
(Or any dark wheat fresh loaf. Don’t get that squishy square stuff; you are just cheating yourself out of a nice airy texture!)

2 leafs of crisp Romaine Lettuce
(Right when you buy the lettuce, wash and separate each of the leaves and then pack them into a container with one paper towel and store in the fridge. The lettuce will last much longer this way!)

A few slices of Tomato 
(Salt the tomato slices before putting them on the sandwich, but not too much. The ham already has a lot of salt.)

Tiny pickles in Vinegar
(You can find these at most olive bars. Whole Foods on the Upper East Side definitely carries them.)

(Wash and cut the scallions into small pieces, then store in a small container in the fridge to keep fresh for weeks. They are also great in eggs and added to soup!)

Mayonnaise (or Hummus)
(This will be your source of moisture besides the ham. If you are using hummus, make sure to put a decent amount since it is less moist then Mayo.)



  1. Take 2 of the Rye slices from the middle of the loaf for a big sandwich!
  2. Spread your Mayo or Hummus generously on each slice.
  3. Put a large Romaine leaf on each slice, almost acting like a barrier to keep your bread from getting soggy if you are going to save the sandwich for later.
  4. (After slicing and salting the tomato) lay 2 slices on top of one of the pieces of bread.
  5. Sprinkle on as many scallions as you want. Scallions give you an onion-like taste, but without the nasty after taste.
  6. Pack on the ham! Put an even amount on each piece of bread.
  7. Slice the mini pickles vertically and put on 2 or 3 (4 or 6 halves) on one side.
  8. Using your sandwich-combining skills, put both sides together, then cut in half! (This is not the type of sandwich to triangle. All of the contents will most likely fall out if you do.)
  9. Stuff your face and feel satisfied!


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