Revamping Your Wardrobe From the Inside Out

Posted by MaryElizabeth Styka on Dec 9, 2014 5:00:00 AM


A new wardrobe is already in your closet. Whether it means finding a vintage scarf hiding on your top shelf, or opting to purchase an addition to your growing collection, bold and eye-catching scarves are the most versitile accessory of the season.

For smaller scarves, there are some great options at Beacon’s Closet. If you have the time and patience to search, you can find some real gems!

1. Pony Scarf


While it may seem summery, this look can easily be recreated each season. Just choose colors more related to the season. But with fashion, there are no rules. A brightly colored scarf was the pop of color with this outfit.

2. Headband


A head wrap is another year round go to look. This look can be achieved with any hair style.

3. Belt


The Spring 2015 fashion shows featured various runway looks with a fabric belt. Why not dust off one of your many scarves and try this look out. Define your waistline in a shift dress or accessorize your coat.

 4. Shawl


This look was inspired by Olivia Palermo. Add some color and texture to an outfit with a long scarf loosely draped around your neck and bring it all together with a belt. Chic, simple and a great way to play around with your favorite LBD.

5.  Wrap Bracelet


Scarves don’t have to be limited to your head, neck or waist. Fold and tie a dainty scarf to your stack of bracelets.

6. Scarf Top


By simply folding and adding a belt, you can turn any scarf into cute top. Create a one-of-a-kind top and throw a blazer over it for a girls night out.

7. Kimono


Tie two knots with the ends of your oversized scarf and you have instantly made a kimono. Wear this over a dress or graphic tee during the fall, or a use it as a bathing suit cover up in the summer!

For more fun ideas, check out beauty guru Michelle Phan’s video:



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Model: Lauren Gangemi

Photographer: MaryElizabeth Styka

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