Roma – La Vita e Bella

Posted by Aya Sakai on Feb 23, 2016 9:00:00 AM

image3-2.jpgKnown for its rich culture of fashion, food, and art, Italy always ranks in our top destination lists.The country has always fascinated people and makes them want to visit again and again. Rome, the capital city of Italy, is no exception. The ‘Eternal City’ never gets old. I was never bored in Italy when I visited the country for LIM College’s study abroad program. I thought that it would be fun to share my experience in Rome and other cities in Italy.

I went to Rome this past July with the school. Visiting Italy has been on my bucket list since I was a child. Fashion, food, architecture, and art; everything from Italy seemed fascinating to me. As soon as I arrived at Fiumicino Airport in Rome, I was overwhelmed with the beautiful scenery.

image4.jpgStudying abroad over summer vacation is perfect for students who want to experience something new in a short period of time. The summer program was one month, which was a perfect length to visit a place I had never been. I was able to experience life in Rome, going to school and getting into a daily routine. It was just long enough to grasp the Italian culture, but not long enough to get homesick.

I chose to transfer liberal arts credits to LIM College, so I did not study fashion in Rome. I believe this was a good decision because I focused on the local culture and spent time taking in the new city. I took an Italian Language class and a Multiculturalism in Europe class at the American University of Rome, a partner school of LIM College. One of the advantages of studying abroad is getting to study subjects not taught at your home college. Needless to say, I now speak my third language after Japanese and English. I probably wouldn’t have accomplished that without traveling to Italy.

Life in Italy was much more amazing than I imagined – walking around the World Heritage Sites, looking at the fashionable women, having a small cup of espresso and a cornet every morning, and learning that it’s never appropriate to have a cappuccino after 10 am.

The American University of Rome hosted two trips during the summer course to Tuscany and Naples. I joined both of the trips. During the trips, I had a fabulous time seeing the different aspects of Italy. I was impressed by how beautiful the country is. I understood why it is one of the most sought after destinations of travelers around the world.

image2-1.jpgThe small town of Siena, the ‘City of Art', Florence, the beautiful farms in Tuscany, the bluest ocean in Capri, the unbelievable heritage of Pompeii – I was left speechless everywhere I visited. At the end of the summer course, I took my own trip to Venice and Milan to see the fashionable side of Italy as well. I recommend that students to plan their own trips to visit other cities in Italy or even other countries in Europe; it’s much cheaper than you might think.

Do you think that you want to go to Italy, but are afraid to do so? Don't worry; you are not alone. The American University of Rome welcomes a lot of students from various countries. I made countless friends and had great roommates to share my experience with. It was a life changing summer for myself. I believe you have to do it while you are attending college, as you may not get another chance. Your experience will prove valuable for your future career. I also bet that you will want to go back to Italy and never leave.

La vita e bella a Roma – life is beautiful in Rome.

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