Sizzling Summer Fashion

Posted by Seth Jubb on Jun 25, 2015 2:01:00 PM

Remember when you were ticking off the days until summer? Well, here it is, and here is our guide to getting you through the upcoming dog days of heat and humidity -- everything from essentials to items that just make life a little easier, we’ve got you covered. Bring on the sun!


1)    Cold Brew Coffee. There’s nothing better than an extra-caffeinated, delicious cup of cold coffee to get you through your day. Especially for those of you working indoors when it’s a shining 85 degrees outside, a cup of cold brew is what’s going to get you through your day. We recommend trying Stumptown’s nitro cold brew coffee. It’s fresher than your typical cup of coffee, and they have a multiple methods of consumption that’ll last throughout the day. Whether it’s in a can, carton, or cup, Stumptown has everything any coffee lover could ever need or want!




2)    Sunglasses. It’s the most obvious, yet somehow difficult to achieve summer essential. Many of us find ourselves grabbing pairs from places like Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters, but if you can swing it, we totally recommend investing in a more lasting pair that actually provides some benefits along with great style. We all know Ray-Bans and Aviators are wildly popular, which is why you should look into something new like Warby Parker! They’ve got great prices and introduce new styles every season -- and for every pair purchased, a pair is given to someone in need. 




3)     White Sneakers. It doesn’t matter if they’re Chucks, Vans, or any other brand, but white sneakers are going to define summer 2015. If you want to incorporate some personality into them, there are a few stores, including Topshop, that are selling light-up sneakers that have lights in the sole of the shoe. Another great way to put a spin on sneaks is to find a pair with texture, or even a cool summer design. You’d be surprised how great you look, while also standing out from the crowd!




Making Life A Little Easier:

1)    Coconut Oil. This is probably one of the greatest and most versatile items to have in the summer. Not only does is have so many different uses, but it’s cheap and lasts forever! You can use coconut oil as a lip moisturizer (no harsh chemicals, yay!), bug repellant (also has antiviral and antibacterial properties), hair treatment to retain moisture and keep your hair smelling amazing, deodorant (not joking), and just as an energy booster! It’s filled with so many health benefitting ingredients that it will boost your metabolism and burn calories fast!




2)    Moisturizer Sunscreen. Summer ready and glowing skin that is hydrated and protected from the sun is a confidence booster. To learn about the essentials, click here: Summer-Ready Skin!




3)    Linen. Linen has been in every summer season for ages, but this year in particular is seeing a spike in popularity. Not only is it the best fabric possible for the humid weather, but it also looks amazing and can transform an outfit from uncomfortable to cool and casual, instantly. Whether it is pants, shirts, or even tote bags, linen can be used in almost any form. We recommend a basic white linen shirt to match those white sneakers!


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