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Posted by Michelle Francisco on Jun 1, 2015 1:07:00 PM

Sneakers have become more than just an accessory for athletic wear; they are now a fashion statement. Running shoes have evolved from typical neon-colored Nikes to high-end luxury sneakers. Whether it’s just to commute in comfort or actually wear sneakers as part of a daily outfit, having a pair of sneakers in your closet has become a social requirement.

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The most common brands seen in the streets include Nike and Adidas. Both companies have expanded their brands to a point where most everyone in New York City seems to own a pair. This current trend of everyone being “sneaker heads’” has allowed companies to become more technical in their designs in a way that caters to both the athletic and the fashion conscious customer. Nike has introduced a feature that allows the customers to create and design their own sneaker. Adidas has expanded to putting their product in fashion forward stores. They are currently being featured in Urban Outfitters where they highlight a new trend of “athleisure.”


I talked to three different people to find out how the trend of sneakers in fashion has affected their outfit choices.  The first person was a fellow LIM student. I asked her why she had decided to wear sneakers that day to school. She responded simply, saying,  “because it looked good with my outfit."

I also talked sneakers with my roommate, who is also a college student on the go. As she was getting ready in the morning, I saw that she was throwing one of her many pairs of Nikes. I asked “why that pair today”? Her response was, “because I’m going to be late for class, and it’s my most comfortable pair.”

The third person I talked to was a random stranger at Grand Central. The woman was dressed in business attire, but then I looked down to her feet, and she was wearing running sneakers. So I asked, “Why are you wearing sneakers today?” She explained to me that it’s the most comfortable way to commute. She was coming all the way from Connecticut to work in Manhattan.

So apparently wearing sneakers can be both a way of getting from point A to point B and the perfect way to look sporty chic. Either way, it looks like a style that is here to stay.

Check out these websites to find sneakers that range in style for a casual day, to working out, or just simply being a fashion student in the Big Apple!

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