Splurge v. Steal: Makeup Sponges

Posted by Angela Trakoshis on Sep 10, 2015 2:45:25 PM


A makeup sponge is a staple for blending foundations and concealers, and they can cost anywhere from $1 – $20. But is it really worth splurging on a sponge?

To put it to the test, I have my Qosmedix Sponge ($2) and Original Beauty Blender ($20). At first touch the Qosmedix sponge is stiffer and not as spongy and flexible as the Beauty Blender. When using sponges and applying face makeup you should always dampen the sponge prior to applying product to it. It can be used dry, but a wet sponge prevents makeup absorption into the sponge, allowing more makeup to transfer onto the skin.

When I first dampened the sponges, the Qosmedix sponge took longer to fully absorb the water. After both sponges were dampened and ready to go, I squeezed my favorite foundation, Estee Lauder Double Wear, onto my hand and began to dip the Qosmedix sponge in the liquid. It left a sheer, not-so-full coverage on the face, so I began to layer, which is something I hate doing because it can leave a “cakey” look.

Moving on to the Beauty Blender. It was quicker to absorb water and definitely had a more flexible feel. Applying the same amount of foundation, I began to dab it onto my face. Immediately I noticed the fuller, flawless coverage.

The Qosmedix sponge did have the benefit of leaving minimal residue on the sponge after application. The Beauty Blender was pretty dirty after use. Aside from that, I would say it’s worth the splurge!

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