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Posted by Izzy Gobert on Sep 15, 2015 4:57:06 PM

Sportswear is no longer simply for sports. Today, it’s much more complex; sportswear has evolved into everyday-wear for both women and men. In the past, if you wore sportswear, it was because you preferred comfort to style. Now, sportswear is made to combine fashion and function.

Athletic shoes have made a huge impact on the fashion world, both on the runway and on the street. In 2014, when Chanel and Dior sent sneakers down the runway, the demand for sneakers and sportswear skyrocketed. The question we were all thinking was “will sneakers be the next stiletto?” Possibly. According to Just Style, 78% of women wear workout clothes for purposes other than exercise. Nike, for example, has continually impressed the world by creating sneakers that give the consumer an opportunity to be individually unique but also part of the crowd. Dylan Raasch, the creator of the Nike Rosh Run shoe, created a sneaker that expressed the essence of simplicity and meditation. Sportswear brand Adidas was also able to connect with its customers because of the simplicity of its white shoe. Adding a customization tool didn’t hurt either.

One current trend in sportswear is the jogger pant, something that was notably famous back in the 90’s when influencer LL Cool J’s rolled up his own joggers. Joggers have created a flattering look for wearing sweatpants out, and they’ve also inspired athletic details on work trousers. A detail inspired on women’s trousers is the popular drawstring waist, and men’s trousers have begun to cuff shorter at the ankles. These bottoms are the perfect combination of fashion and athleticism; they work well for the gym and going out. Designer Alexander Wang said, “It’s not so much about being sporty as being active and functional and easy.”

When leggings first came out, the biggest issue was the material they were made of; it was either uncomfortable or too revealing. A currently thriving brand, Lululemon, uses textiles such as their trademarked Luon (86% nylon & 14% lycra) to create breathable and sweat-wicking legging. Even though a legging is a type of sportswear, it’s still a risky and bold statement that a lot of girls can’t decide on. The best piece of advice for those people comes from Jessica Schiffer at Who What Wear: “The reality is that people love well-made clothing they can actually live in.”

One of the most predominant and popular sportswear items to grab ahold of this season is the backpack. While many consider it not a part of sportswear, the backpack is an item that combines utilitarian comfort with necessary function. Many luxury brands like Chanel, Fendi, and Marc Jacobs have embraced athleticism and transformed this item into a recreated stylish approach to fashion. For instance, the Chanel graffiti bag seen on many celebrities has had both a unique and edgy influence in the fashion world. According to A Fashionable Sport, “Both industries have heavily influenced each other over the past few years, especially witnessed on the catwalks and through designer and sportswear collaboration.” Why do people love the new fashionable backpacks? It is practical enough that you can simply throw it over your shoulder and be on your way instead of bumping your traditional handbag into people on crowded streets. The fashion influence on sportswear looks as if it’s going to continue to impress and influence people all over the world.

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