Student Spotlight: Olivia Phenix, Brand Ambassador for CottonU

Posted by Carly Cimino on Nov 23, 2015 10:20:38 AM

Olivia Phenix is a Fashion Merchandising major at LIM College who interns, works, and takes a full course load. She may seem like the typical student, but one phone call from a professor gave her the opportunity to become a student ambassador for Cotton Incorporated. When Olivia is not busy working on pursuing a career in merchandising and interning at Sam Edelman, she is educating her peers on the importance of cotton in the fashion industry by sharing the knowledge she acquired at Cotton University. Olivia shared some of her experiences as a brand ambassador and explained how her LIM experience has prepared her for the internship. 

How did you come across Cotton Incorporateds brand ambassador program?

Olivia: I was actually approached by Professor Alfonso, who partnered with Cotton Incorporated for the “Cotton Carries New York” tote bag contest. Cotton Incorporated reached out to her, and she thought I would be a good fit for the program. Professor Alfonso reached out to me during the summer to ask if I was interested in the program, and I was actually driving around in a Jeep with the top down when I got the call!

What particularly interested you in Cotton Universitys program?

I participated in the “Cotton Carries New York” contest along with some other LIM students, and I was really interested in learning more about the company. Even though I originally came to LIM for marketing, I wanted to learn how everything worked from start to finish.

What are some opportunities Cotton University has for students?

Cotton University has a bunch of free resources available for students. Cotton Incorporated is the leading textile resource for the industry, which means they are able to offer free technology along with updates. When you sign up for a Cotton University account you can get the chance to connect with fellow students, and chat industry professionals with any questions you might have.

Tell us about your experience visiting the Cotton Incorporated headquarters in North Carolina like?

I left on a Wednesday and came back on Thursday, but it was amazing getting the opportunity to network with the other ambassadors! I traveled with the ambassador from FIT, who happened to be a Textile major, so that gave us the opportunity to educate each other since I know more about the marketing aspect of production.

How did your courses at LIM prepare you for your internship as a brand ambassador?

LIM’s structured classes really gave me the opportunity to gain knowledge about all aspects of the industry. When touring Cotton Incorporated’s headquarters, I got to see every step of production and I was able to understand the terminology used throughout the process.

What are your upcoming events for Cotton Inc., and how can students participate?

I was recently featured on LIM’s Instagram page talking about my visit to North Carolina, but students can make sure to keep an eye out for other updates throughout the rest of this semester by keeping up with LIM on social media. I hosted a spa-themed table at the residence hall for family and friend’s weekend as well. I am also coordinating an information session/pizza party with an RA around the end of the semester.

Be sure to keep an eye out for Olivia’s events and updates on her time as a brand ambassador for Cotton Incorporated!

 Photos by Lauren Biegel

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