The Beyonce & Jay-Z of Baking: EatGoodNYC

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Benny Benjamin and Carolina Wang, the masterminds behind EatGoodNYC, put well-known faces--frequently fashion industry icons--on pastries, and their talents have led to recognition from Cara Delevingne, Vogue, and many others in the fashion industry and beyond. This past month, the creators took some time out of their busy schedules to chat about their business and the future, as well as the dreams they have yet to achieve. See samples below!

Where were you two before your company came about?

Benny:  EatGood was always here!  It just didn’t have a name. I’ve always wanted to be a contributor to art and fashion; it just took a bit to figure out how I wanted to do this.

Carolina:  I’m in the fashion industry; I’m actually a pattern maker full time.  I used to work at Under Armour in Maryland, which is where I taught myself how to bake and work with fondant during my spare time.  I lived outside the city and didn’t have friends, haha. I thought baking would make people like me! It was therapeutic.

What sets your company apart from all the other cupcake companies?

Benny:  We don’t do cupcakes, we do art−−it just happens to be on a cupcake.

Carolina:  Lol, this guy.  We really don’t see ourselves as just a typical bakery; we create art, and cupcakes are just our form of medium.  Our clients give us one image, or just an idea, and we use it as inspiration to take it as far as we can.

Who and what inspire you the most when creating your cupcakes?

Benny: Kanye….The God of Baking.

Carolina:  Hahaha -- the Beyonce and Jay-Z of baking!!!!

How has fashion & art played a part in your overall business?

Benny: It’s everything; it’s both our backgrounds.

Carolina:  When I work with the fondant, I apply a lot of what I learned in fashion towards it.  It also helps us relate to the products and subjects we work on.  We are from a younger generation, so we can create pieces that align with current pop culture and social media.  It’s one thing to just be good at baking, but our clients are mostly people that don’t want the traditional and want “different” and understand that we relate to the product we create.


How has social media played a part in your still growing success?

Benny: It has helped us tremendously!  It gets our work out to everybody quickly and globally.

Carolina:  It is essential.  All our customers have come through social media exposure and word of mouth.  It’s incredible to live in this age where we are all really just a click away from reaching such a mass audience so quickly.  The trick is to stay consistent and relevant. People can love you one day and forget you the next.


I’ve noticed you have a YouTube page. Are you planning to do more with it? If so, what would you want to add to your channel?

Benny:  More time-lapse videos of our work.  We know people are curious about our process, and it’s really cool to see it all come together over time. 

Carolina:  We have some great media coming in the next few months, so just keep an eye out.  We are taking out time to do it right!


Do you plan on launching a new website for EatGoodNYC?

Benny: Yes!  We recently redesigned our logo, so we want to rebrand ourselves to be a bit more consistent.  It took us a few months to figure out exactly how we wanted to market ourselves.


What is the process like when creating your designs?

Carolina:  We are inspired by our subjects, whether it’s a location or people.  We research it, and then figure out what the aspects that are important to this subject.  Say it’s a person; we look into what is important in their lives.  We use our cupcakes to create a connection with our customers and to create emotion.


What was it like when you got noticed by Vogue?

Benny: Dope! 

Carolina:  It’s obviously the highest fashion co-sign you can get in fashion publication, so we are grateful!


How do you go about marketing your business and making connections?

Benny:  Research and networking.  Our style is a bit more guerilla -- it is just staying alert to events and people. 


What advice would you give to students who want to start a business?

Benny:  Do your research and be extraordinary, never ordinary.

Carolina:  Make sure you LOVE what you want to do.  You should wake up everyday and that’s should be the first thing on your mind.  You have to live and breathe it, and believe you will be successful.  Be willing to feel dumb sometimes because that is the only way you will learn. 


What is one of your most memorable moments so far since you began EatGoodNYC?

Benny:  Being acknowledged by people we admire and working with amazing, talented people.

Carolina:  I never thought a year ago I would have the opportunity to work with so many people I look up to.  Seeing someone like Cara Delevingne holding a cupcake I was working on the night before is mind blowing and humbling.


What’s in the future for EatGoodNYC?

Benny:  We hope to become pioneers in the food/art/fashion world.  We hope to continue being contributors that continuously push the envelope in the food/art world. 

Carolina:  We hope to have a place where creatives can come and just create and network…..and eat delicious things.


For all those who don’t know, where is your business located?

Benny:  We currently serve the tri-state area!  Just email us at for any inquiries.



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