The Perfect NYC Sunday

Posted by Olivia DePung on Oct 28, 2015 11:10:36 AM

Finally, the temperature has dropped in New York City.

This excites nearly every New Yorker, because we can now walk more than half a block without profusely sweating and needing to rejuvenate under scarcely shaded areas. Fall presents to us the most perfect walking weather, which can motivate you to spontaneously explore the awesome aspects of NYC. A couple of weeks ago, my roommate and I decided to vacate our downtown apartment and travel uptown. This spontaneous decision led to the most eventful day.

I fell in love with this city once again as I walked off the train and onto 86th street. I was immediately welcomed to a street fair that extended many blocks, presenting tons of food vendors, unique clothing, perfume -- the list could go on. After browsing at street fair, my roommate and I made our way to Central Park, conveniently located a few avenues over. Central Park was more beautiful and relaxing than I had remembered from being there the previous summer.

There was a perfect breeze and it was clear that everyone was enjoying the fall weather. It is easy to get lost in the scenery of this contagious park. Before we knew it, we were located on the West Side, which introduced us to a delicious restaurant, P.J. Clarke’s, which is located right across from Lincoln Square. My roommate had the Clarke Burger with onion rings while I had their Avocado, Kale, and Feta Salad. Both were delicious and are highly recommended. It was the perfect way to end a relaxing Sunday.

The overlooked privilege that comes with living in New York City is that entertainment awaits you at nearly every corner. No matter where you flee to, you can truly always discover something new and engaging. I have been re-exposed to all the beauty that uptown has to offer–and have been reminded that traveling never hurts, especially when it leaves you with a memorable experience.

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