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Fashion and Business in the Classroom

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So what is the actual day-to-day life of an LIM student like in the classroom? Well, the courses available at LIM College are so much more than what you can imagine. Classes here offer more than just what you read in the course description.

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At LIM we have four undergraduate majors – Fashion Merchandising, Marketing, Management, and Visual Merchandising. Although your major determines many of the classes you will take, you are also required to take one class in each of the other fashion majors. For example, although I am a Marketing major, I took Intro to Visual Merchandising and learned the basics of Visual Merchandising. By doing this, students can explore other fields in the fashion business and possibly discover new interests.

This semester, the classes I am taking will be very useful for the future. I am taking a Spreadsheets class that is familiarizing me with Excel, which is critical for most business jobs in the fashion industry. I’m taking a Management course, which teaches me about the skills necessary to be in a leadership position in the business of fashion. I am also taking French II. It’s one of my favorite classes and it’s really exciting to be able to learn a new language.

In the past, I’ve taken classes such as Event Planning, which was a great experience because my professor has his own event production company in New York City and the class was very hands-on. He taught us what we needed to know about event production based on his own experience, rather than just a textbook. We have so many fashion industry professionals at LIM who have either been in the industry for a long period of time or are still working in the fashion industry, so there is so much to gain from the courses at LIM College.

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