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Move-In Day at the LIM College Residence Hall

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I thought that moving into the residence hall was going to be one of the most hectic parts of coming to college. I was wrong. It was actually one of the easiest parts, because of the help and support we all received that day as well as the help we received from our Resident Advisors after that.

Move-in day started with arriving at 1760 Third Avenue and having a ton of people in the front ready to help you unload your car and get your things up to your room. The level of enthusiasm that every one of them showed was amazing and I don’t think I could have been that excited to move people in all day. They were so quick and efficient. My parents and I were up to my room in no time, unpacking all of my belongings to start moving in.

One thing that made it nice was that my roommate had already completely unpacked. This made it so much easier to get around the room and bring all of my stuff in and we weren’t in each other’s way. That would be one suggestion I would have with unpacking and packing; don’t do it at the same time. The rooms are very good-sized but still, having two girls packing and unpacking everything they own at the same time just gets a little stuffy.

Moving in lasted a few days but it was definitely all worth it. It was the beginning of our college experience and we got to bond with our roommates, the other people on our floors, and the other people in the building in general. There is always so much to do there that you are never bored. For all of these reasons I loved living in the residence hall and will probably decide to live there for my sophomore and junior years as well.

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