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Believe it or not, living in NYC can become a little boring at times. Not to say that living in a rural farm town in Washington State wasn’t boring, but I never thought that I could get bored in this city. This is why I have decided that I will do something every weekend and make time to go to a museum, park or somewhere in between just to get more acquainted with the city.

So far, I have been to the Metropolitan Museum of Art (the Met), the Museum of Modern Art (MoMa) and to parks all over the city. Now, I am not a huge museum fan, but I loved both the Met and MoMa. I was in both of them for hours at a time. One really cool thing about MoMa is that they are constantly featuring different artists. Since November there has been a large exhibit of Tim Burton (who I LOVE) and his work throughout his life. This is just one example of an exhibit there, but there are many more that are definitely worth seeing.

Another aspect of the city worth checking out is the different parks and waterfronts. The only park that everyone seems to know about in NYC is Central Park. And although it is beautiful, it isn’t the only park here. There is also Madison Square Park, Union Square Park, Bryant Park, and Battery Park. They’re all just a short train ride away from midtown Manhattan. They are all beautiful and aren’t as crowded as Central Park.

A few other places that are really fun to go to when the weather is hot are the South Street Seaport,  Riverside Park and the East River Park. These are all nice because they are on the water and are especially pretty when it’s sunny out. Going to these parks is relaxing when you are stressed out and need somewhere to hang out.

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