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Professors in the Fashion Industry

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My first semester at LIM College I was lucky enough to take a fashion styling class with one of my favorite professors so far, Professor Michael Palladino. Professor Palladino is a perfect example of the type of professor that teaches at LIM College and the amount of expertise and knowledge they bring to class with them every day.

One of the strongest things about LIM College is the fact that every day we are taught by people that have been in the industry for years. Some have retired to teach classes and some still work in the industry every day and just teach part-time. Either way, they definitely know what they are talking about. Professor Palladino was the Director of Client and Studio Services at Henri Bendel for a long time. He provided clothing for such stylists as Patricia Field (stylist for the Sex and the City TV show and the first movie), Eric Daman (the stylist for Gossip Girl), and many other celebrities and stylists all over New York.

Professor Palladino definitely was speaking from experience when he was teaching us the ins and outs of fashion styling. And he also does many other things at the College besides teaching. This past fall the LIM Fashion Education Foundation had the second annual “Fearless” event, where they honor one person that they feel to be “fearless” in the industry, and this year it was awarded to Vanessa Williams. Not only did Professor Palladino help to arrange and organize the whole thing, he was also the one that asked Vanessa to come. And not only did Vanessa come, but she was there the entire time talking to anyone that wanted to talk to her and taking pictures with whoever asked.

LIM College professors can be some of your most valuable contacts in the industry. This is just one example of the experience professors here have. Every other professor has an extensive background in what they are teaching, and in almost every case they are here to shape the next generation of leaders in the fashion industry.

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