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Back to School, Back to Being Busy

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Summer has never gone by faster than it did this year. Although it felt like I was only home for a few weeks, it is exciting to start my sophomore/junior year at LIM College. Although getting back into the school routine has not been the easiest transition.

This summer was crazy busy right from the beginning. Because I pay for my own food and miscellaneous expenses, I had to work as much as possible over those three months to save as much money as I could. When I wasn't working I would spend as much time as possible with my family. I hardly get to see them during the school year so any time I got to hang out with them was precious to me and it is what I miss the most when I am at school.

Moving back in was the first feat that I had to achieve this year. Luckily I had my boyfriend to help me with all the manual labor and heavy lifting, but it really wasn't that bad once everything was in the room. I didn't give myself that much time to do it though seeing as how I moved back in the day before classes started, which may not have been the smartest idea. 

So far classes haven't been as difficult as I expected. I am really enjoying my CAD and Event Planning classes and am learning a lot. I am already really busy again with my job in the Admissions Office and trying to secure my Work Project II internship placement, but so far I am managing it well. I am excited to see what this semester brings.

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