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Being a Fashion Scholar

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During my application process at LIM College I was lucky enough to be able to compete for a spot in the newly- formed Fashion Scholars Program. We were informed that we would not only receive a scholarship for up to half tuition for our outstanding academic achievement throughout high school, but we would also have the opportunity to take part in many networking events within the school, have mentors within the fashion industry, priority consideration for study abroad programs, and many other very exciting opportunities.
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After my phone interview a few weeks later I was informed that I had been accepted to the program. I was so ecstatic. Not only because I had made it into the program, but because with the scholarship I was awarded I was able to actually attend the school.

Being among the first batch of 14 Fashion Scholars is very exciting, but also very challenging. Over the first year I took seven honors-level classes, and of course I was able to take some non-honors classes as well. From experience I can say that there is definitely a difference. Not to say that non-honors level classes aren’t hard, but honors level classes are very challenging and they really make you think a lot about what you are learning.

Since we started last year we have been able to attend quite a few events that not everyone else was invited to. One such event was an industry networking party at our new Center for Career Development last year. We networked with many fashion industry professionals with our newly-acquired LIM College business cards. It was a really good time and we got to meet a ton of very valuable connections.

So far I have been absolutely thrilled with what I have gotten out of the Fashion Scholars Program and I am only a sophomore. I can’t wait to see what other opportunities I will get.

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