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Gaining Fashion Industry Experience at BUCKLER

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As I’ve stated numerous times in the past, the Work Project internship program at LIM College is second to none. I recently started my Work Project II job and am able to shed some light on what I do every day and what I hope to gain from my time at BUCKLER.
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As I explained in my last blog entry, I was lucky enough to get my internship from a Fashion Week volunteer opportunity that went very well. At BUCKLER I work closely with the press relations manager, but I also take direction from the head designer, their finance manager, and the other two designers. So far I have been able to do many different things within the company. Being their only intern, my duties are varied considerably, but I have learned quite a bit so far.

I have been able to visit the BUCKLER showroom a few times to pick up garments and accessories as well as do various organizational tasks such as organizing look books from past seasons and organizing the sample closet. I have also had the opportunity to travel all over Manhattan dropping things off and picking things up. BUCKLER also just launched their brand-new online store so I was able to help inventory their stock room and showroom area for garments that are on sale on the website, as well as shoes for sale on the new site. I also unpack and check in samples from various magazines, photographers and stylists and have perfected the art of steaming.

I still have a while to go in this internship and I am excited to see what else I will be able to do. Tomorrow I am assisting at a photo shoot and I can’t wait!

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