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A Look at the Schedule of One Busy LIM College Student

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With this being my second full year as an LIM College student, I have pretty much adjusted to my schedule of classes and work everyday. My schedule changes every semester, so it isn’t as easy to adjust to that part of it, but it usually isn’t that hard to do.

This semester I am taking 19 credits, as well as working in the Admissions Office part-time as a Student Marketing Coordinator. On a usual day I have a classes from 8 am until around 12:30 pm and then I usually go to work from then until 5 pm. It is usually a busy schedule, but as long as you have good time management skills you will be fine.

I really like working in the Admissions Office and they are especially good about working around your class schedule. Being able to be a part of different aspects of the school is nice because you feel more involved in everyday activities and it gives you a chance to make money as well.

On a usual day I will work until 5 pm, then go home and start my homework. I almost always have homework due in one of my classes, so again, time management skills are a must when you have so many things going on at once.

During my first semester at LIM College I chose only to do my Work Project I internship as work, so I had more free time, but it is necessary for me to have a job now as a junior so that I can make money to pay for food and everyday expenses. The Center for Career Development is good at helping students find jobs in and outside of LIM College and they are a really good resource when you are doing your job hunt.

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