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LIM College Fashion Show: Amazing

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This past Friday, as you may know, was the annual LIM College Fashion Show, and I can tell you it was amazing. If you read my last post you know that the theme of the show was Egyptian and the title was “Kemet.”
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The show itself exceeded my expectations by a lot and I was blown away by how well-organized and orchestrated it was. All of the looks in the show were well thought out and you could definitely see the progression within the styles that were going down the runway. Some of the outfits were even made by students at LIM College and they fit in seamlessly with the style of the show.

One thing that I found pleasantly surprising was how the runway was set up, and the space that the show was set in. The venue was much larger than any other LIM College has used for their annual show and the runway was set up in a U shape where each model walked down both sections of the runway. I liked this because we could see each look very easily and it also made the show longer. 

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the night was the LIM College Dance Team. They had by far the best performance I have ever seen and they definitely brought a ton of energy at the end of the show. The music they used really got everyone into the dancing mood and I saw tons of people dancing in their seats... myself included.

All I can say is that everyone involved with the show did an amazing job and I am so glad that I attended!

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