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My First Weeks at LIM College

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Hey there everyone! Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Courtney Vander Linden and I am a freshman here at LIM College. I’m a West Coast girl, straight from Washington State. Crazy right!?

My dreams of the big city and my belief that life’s journey is defined by the risks one takes led me to the land of taxis and skyscrapers. I’m sure you have big dreams of living in New York City too, and LIM College could become your home away from home just like it has for me!

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So LIM College, as you know, is "Where Business Meets Fashion." But I know what you’re thinking. Where do I fit in to that equation? But hey, I’m here to tell you, don’t sweat it. Let’s just say that I’ve made it my mission to make you an LIM expert even before you’ve stepped off the subway. Together, with my help, we will all meet business and fashion head on!

I have officially completed my third week of school. It has flown by! From moving in to 1760 3rd Avenue (the residence hall), to meeting friends who share the same love for fashion and New York City as you do, and to learning the subway system and your professors' teaching styles, your first weeks at LIM College are a journey of experiences and memories that will prove to be unforgettable. 

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Attending LIM College will be undeniably unique to anything you have experienced before, so I advise you to embrace the new people and the new atmosphere, as there are upperclassmen and staff who are so supportive of freshman and transfer students.

The feeling of going to school and studying something you truly love is so worth the busy first few weeks of class. Remember that you are here because fashion is you, and you are fashion. Live what you love in the city that never sleeps, and even better, the fashion capital of the world.

Keep dreaming friends!

Until next week,
XOXO Court

P.S. Stay tuned for next week as I cover Fashion’s Night Out and Fashion Week in NYC!

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