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This past week has been all about embracing and gaining knowledge and experience. As you move to New York City and attend LIM College, you will have the opportunity to take it all in, the opportunity to live fashion, to learn business, and to embrace it all and make it your own.

You will be inspired turn what you learn and experience into something unique, something fresh and exciting. Actively involving yourself in what you are truly passionate about and building upon it about will be your key to success in this industry, and in life. Let’s make a pact right now, you and I, that from this day forward we will take it all and love it all out!   

I had my official first day as an intern at Oscar de la Renta this past week! I felt as though I was in a new world. Everything that was happening was interesting to me. I was observing the entire retail environment and making mental notes of new information and interactions. My co-workers at Oscar de la Renta were wonderful! They invested their time into me, with the interest of increasing my knowledge and experience within the high-end retail atmosphere.

Don’t be afraid or reluctant of beginning as an intern, instead relish your opportunity to gain firsthand experience in this new world. Take it all in, and love it all out. Embrace what you are learning and the tasks you are completing, and infuse them into your life. Share your newfound love with others. Start a blog, create a photography portfolio, or maybe just live what you learned in a fresh way. Just make it your own and let your passion radiate from within. staff Staff Profiles Desktops & Documents mfinnin My Documents My Pictures Website images blog photos vanderlinden week8 2 resized 600

Yesterday, I directed a photo shoot for my styling final, and listened to Joe Zee, the Creative Director of Elle magazine speak at LIM College’s very own Fashion Insiders Speaker Series. It was a day of inspiration and motivation. staff Staff Profiles Desktops & Documents mfinnin My Documents My Pictures Website images blog photos vanderlinden week8 resized 600

The photo shoot was incredible. My group and I came together, executed our concept, and experienced what it is like to be a stylist and work with a photographer. We gained knowledge and experience by living the styling process. Then, as Joe Zee sat before a roomful of eager and captivated LIM College students, he spoke of his career as a journey he has loved every step of the way. Never has it felt like a job to him, but rather an extension of his passions and inspirations. He encouraged us to embrace where we live because this city holds so many opportunities to gain the knowledge and experience that will take our craft to the next level. He encouraged us all to be the best version of ourselves, and to gain this knowledge and experience because we want to, not because we have to.

At LIM College, and in New York City, you will live directly within the whirlwind of fashion, business, creativity, passion, and hard work. Finding my way and making my mark on this industry and this world is always on my mind. My experiences this past week helped me gain knowledge, but my success in making an impact will only come when I decide to take that knowledge and turn it into me. Next year, and in your lifetime, you will surely learn and experience something new every day. The key is to embrace it all, to measure its impact on you, and to refresh it to make you who you are. Live and love what you have learned.

Until next week - Take it all in and love it all out - XOXO Court 

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