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Helping to Style Clients at Oscar de la Renta & 1930s Fashion on Film

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Well, it is official! I completed my very last final yesterday, and can officially say that my first semester at LIM College is out the window!

As an LIM College first year student, your first 3 months of school will fly by. You will sit in class each day and suddenly marvel at how your perspective of the world of fashion and business that surrounds you will be completely changed. Your understanding of fashion will be deeper, your knowledge of this industry stronger.

This past week three instances opened my eyes as to how much my perspective has grown since I have moved to New York City and attended LIM College.

Last Friday, I worked for 8 hours at Oscar de la Renta. It was such a busy but fun day! I felt like I was living every single “Devil Wears Prada” dream that I had ever thought of before. I did my very own jewelry display with some of Oscar’s most beautiful jewelry designs, took inventory of the fur in the store, and assisted the sales associates with their clients (who, by the way, were from Turkey, Dubai, and Italy, just to name a few places).

I helped them to style the clients with garments from the “just in” Resort 2012 looks. In those moments, I was able to analyze and understand how a luxury designer like Oscar de la Renta, and the buyers he has hired, can take looks straight off the runway and make them readily available to the loyal customers of Oscar de la Renta. I was able to personally witness the far-reaching effect that Oscar de la Renta has on global fashion. Women will travel thousands of miles to experience and purchase his impeccably embroidered and detailed apparel and merchandise. staff Staff Profiles Desktops & Documents mfinnin My Documents My Pictures Website images blog photos Oscar Feather Cocktail resized 600

Last week, I also went to a few vintage stores with my friend. I found myself thinking and analyzing more than ever. No longer am I just a shopper, now I am a thoughtful shopper. I was observing everything, even the décor in the shops, and found myself wondering, “Where did this piece of jewelry come from? How did it get here, and how old is it?” LIM College has helped me to realize the deeper value that is ever so present and surrounding us in the world today. staff Staff Profiles Desktops & Documents mfinnin My Documents My Pictures Website images blog photos vanderlinden jewelry resized 600

In the midst of studying for finals, my friends and I found the time to watch Water for Elephants. Beyond the fact that it was an amazing movie, it was also a film that completely captured the fashions of the 1930’s. All of us were commenting on how the costume design was executed impeccably. What we have learned through our classes at LIM prompted us to pay closer attention to the film’s details. It proved the notion that has been stressed by each of our teachers all semester: fashion is everywhere; it is not just in apparel or accessories, but in the props on a movie set or in the dialogue that is exchanged between characters.

As I look back on my first semester at LIM College, I am so grateful for the knowledge and experience I have gained. I am now more motivated than ever to continue learning, observing, and interpreting. NYC and LIM College are the most inspiring places; your desire to be aware of the world around you will be so much stronger once you experience your first semester at LIM College. I am so excited for you.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! XOXO Court

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