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What is Fashion?

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Another week is gone, and today is a very special celebration…it’s my birthday!

As I look back on the past year, I am in awe of how fast time goes by, and how much one can truly accomplish in a year’s time. I completed high school, I moved cross-country to New York City, and I began a chapter of my life that is surely one worth placing in my memory book.

Here I am with new friends, at a new school, in a new city, and now I am a new age. So instead of just celebrating my birthday today, I am also celebrating what my new life has meant to me, and how that “newness” has changed what fashion means to me too. staff Staff Profiles Desktops & Documents mfinnin My Documents My Pictures Website images blog photos vanderlinden 021012 resized 600

Throughout the past year and since moving to and living in New York City I have learned a great deal about myself. I have learned that loving something and living something are completely different terms, with different meanings. I have always loved fashion, but I never truly lived it until I moved to this crazy city and began to take in what is around me in this world. As a student and as a resident of this incredible place you will learn that fashion is everywhere. It isn’t just in that outfit you have spent weeks planning so that it would be considered a serious “fashion moment,” or solely in the shoes you wear, the jewelry you accessorize with, or the blogs you follow.

Fashion is who we are. In what fashion do we carry ourselves? In what fashion do we speak to others? In what fashion do we embrace the ever changing and evolving world around us? In what fashion do we attempt to participate, to leave our mark?  

As I said, today is my birthday, but it isn’t just my celebration. I encourage you to celebrate too, by living your life in a new fashion.  I am going to dinner with my friends tonight, and seeing a movie! I am volunteering at a fashion show this weekend, and the Grammy’s are on! I have a manuscript speech to prepare for my public speaking class on Tuesday, and I am proud to honor the woman who wrote those words. I am immersing myself in life this weekend!

Most of all, I am learning each day that fashion isn’t just fashion. It isn’t what others perceive it to be. It truly is the way you live, and how you translate what you learn into what you do. Fashion is a mirror of our world and how you see it. staff Staff Profiles Desktops & Documents mfinnin My Documents My Pictures Website images blog photos vanderlinden 021012 b resized 600

Instead of loving everything around you, live it. I can’t wait for you to come to LIM College with a whole new perspective on what fashion is.

Think about it.

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