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Feeling Life as a Fashion Student in NYC

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I must say that today I am feeling reflective. I am feeling the need to put my life, the way I live it and the way I see it, in perspective. There is something to be said about taking the time to look at your life and see and feel all that is occurring around you. Being present and alive requires an ability to fully endure, to fully understand, and to fully move forward.

Have you ever thought about the person you are and wondered what your legacy will be or the defining qualities that will make you be remembered as you? I think that as students here at LIM College it is important to not only think about the mark we will leave as industry professionals, but also as people. After all, fashion is about living and loving life, and never forgetting to let that shine through in every moment.

Here at LIM College, students receive the best of both worlds. One will learn the comprehensive role of business, with a focus on its place in the fashion industry. One of the best aspects of receiving an education at LIM is the opportunity each student has to apply what they are learning from their books, professors, and classes to everyday life.

I have experienced numerous times the eye-opening joy of learning about a concept in class, and then walking outside and applying it to an ad I see, or a window that I look at. This does not mean that we don’t notice certain things without going to school; it simply means that LIM College will give us the knowledge and confidence to pursue a career as a fashion industry professional. 

In the end, the legacy we leave, and the way we live our life is decided by our own ability to be present and to learn from all that is happening around us. As a student at LIM College, take the opportunity to be inspired by your assignments and to apply them to your life.

I know that I, more than ever, have learned since moving to NYC and attending LIM College that your life can be as good as you want it to be. The path you trek down and the roads you curve around will not define you. What will define you is the way you walk those paths and roads and the way in which you find your way back to them if you ever get lost. Look around and reflect. staff Staff Profiles Desktops & Documents mfinnin My Documents My Pictures Website images blog photos vanderlinden 0227 resized 600

Look up when you are in New York City. Your newfound perspective is the reflection of your learning curve. The skyscrapers that are offices upon offices stacked into the far reaching sky are the symbols of all you have learned and endured. They represent your ability to feel each and every assignment you complete.

Until next week, be present! Actively involve yourself in living! Don’t go through the motions…feel every aspect of your life and let it become a part of who you are.


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