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Make a Wish for Your Future

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“Make a wish!” As children, these three short words meant tightly closed eyes, smiling faces, and endless possibilities. In our minds, the chance to hope created a world without boundaries or limitations. As we grew older, our wishes became dreams and hopes for the future. Today, along with this list of our wildest aspirations, come the responsibilities and realities of adulthood. Life happens, and in the process some happen to lose their childlike wonder.

I’m here to tell you, never lose it. Still wish. Still dream. Still hope. Prove that your human spirit remains unbroken, because your childlike wonder is still alive. Deep down it remains, and it is untainted. Because today, wishing means creativity and innovation. Wishing means stimulation, and reformation. staff Staff Profiles Desktops & Documents mfinnin My Documents My Pictures Website images blog photos vander linden stars resized 600

This week I visited the office of Circle Visual, where wishing is still alive. There was a medium-sized clear bucket filled with differently shaped buttons and pins on the front desk. A nice employee said, “take as many as you’d like.” I obviously jumped at this opportunity, because, I mean who doesn’t like free stuff, right? As I began to pull the pins out of the bucket, I was pleasantly surprised at their message—wish. Whether it’s to “breakdance”, or “have it all,” or even, “be a rockstar,” the idea is to think big and believe in it, just like we did when we were children. staff Staff Profiles Desktops & Documents mfinnin My Documents My Pictures Website images blog photos vanderlinden circlevisual resized 600

At Circle Visual, the company employees meet with individuals who have artistic visions. It is a place where creativity meets practicality. From visual merchandisers to interior designers and event planners, the Circle Visual team works to make the display wishes of their clients realistic. The President of the company said that their motto is to embrace ideas, infuse realistic steps of achievement to the visions, and make them happen. You’re probably wondering, how does this connect to me, and my life?

Well, as an LIM College student, your creativity will be welcomed. So walk the streets of New York City and let your thoughts wander as high as the skyscrapers that surround you. Wish. If you have dreams of working at a certain company, belive in them. If you’re an entrepreneur at heart, ponder your business idea. If you hope to travel the world, imagine it. Embrace the opportunities around you, and embrace creativity, but also be aware of what is practical. When you understand what it takes to produce an idea, and to make your thoughts real, you will be more equipped to bring your wishes to life. 

Don’t become so burdened with responsibilities that you lose touch with your childlike wonder. Nurture it, and soon enough, your dreams and reality will collide. Your success in the fashion industry will be a product of your practical and realistic vision of the world, combined with your very own wishes. So today, and every day beyond, be curious and imaginative. 

If your wish is to attend LIM College and study fashion in New York City, close your eyes tightly for good measure, and smile.  Think of your life at LIM, and wish with all your might.

Or, I guess you could fill out an application ;)

Until next week, I wish you well.

XOXO Court

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