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A Spectacular Fashion Week Moment

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It felt like I was seeing for the first time. I think my jaw was permanently on the floor, and I instantly took the concept of oohing and ahhing to a whole new level. The models were more like porcelain dolls in motion. The details of the garments perfectly represented Oscar’s dedication to ornamentation—his direct defiance of minimalism in any form. Each look stayed true to what is vintage de la Renta at his best—embroidery, silhouette, the woman at the center of it all, with furs and exaggerated prints never taken too far. For Oscar, extravagant, glamorous, and bold can still be feminine and refined.

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New York Fashion Week has become a landmark of excitement and inspiration for fashion students everywhere. It is a destination for fashion industry professionals to discover and define the trends that will become the focal point of the near future.

As you can probably tell by now, my “intern status” at the Oscar de la Renta Showroom allowed me the extraordinary opportunity to attend the Fall 2013 Ready-to-Wear show.  It was an incredible experience to be in the environment on the day of the show! I was hard at work downstairs at my desk, while upstairs, a transformation of the most extravagant sorts was taking place! The workspace went all white in a matter of hours. Our showroom, which is typically used for photo shoots, for market appointments where buyers come to view the collections, and for meetings or model fittings, was transformed into a pristine white runway that wrapped around the entire room. This day truly defined my idea of “the best of both worlds,” as I was able to experience the behind-the-scenes aspect of an incredible brand, and then witness the true external beauty and product of all the hard work.      

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As many of you may know, Oscar de la Renta is a luxury fashion lifestyle brand with global retail and wholesale distribution. Since working at the store here in New York and now currently spending my time at the corporate location, I have come to truly understand the brand values of Oscar. ODLR is more than just beautiful creations that feature romantic silhouettes, impeccable tailoring, exquisite detail, and world-class embroidery. Each piece isn’t just a piece—it’s an opportunity to be transported to a place where you are the most beautiful woman in the room.

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Oscar is dedicated to the woman—he always says that “fashion is only fashion once a woman puts it on.” His philosophy to make every woman feel beautiful and elegant has translated into every collection he has created—and this one did not disappoint. 2013 marked Mr. De la Renta’s 50th year of designing clothes. I think it is safe to say that we can all admire his contribution to fashion. I know I do.

I can’t wait for you to come to NYC and LIM College and find your very first fashion internship. When I began my journey with the ODLR brand a few years back, I never imagined that it would come to hold such a special place in my heart.

Through all the hustle and bustle of the city, through all the stress of school and interning, I have had my head down—focused and determined to keep it all together. As the lights went bright and the show opened, I truly looked up for the first time in a while. What I witnessed was beautiful—one of those moments I will never forget. Thank goodness that moment lasted about 8 minutes, because it was quite spectacular.

the view from my desk at my internship:
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You will find yours and revel in it soon.

Until next week my friends, I will quit being all cheesy and sentimental.

XOXO Court

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