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Oscar Fashion: A Fashion Student/Intern's Perspective

posted by Meredith Finnin

Oscar worn at the Oscars! What could possibly be more fitting? Last Sunday, the 85th Annual Academy Awards graced my television set, as an incredible Oscar de la Renta creation graced the red carpet.

Amy Adams stunned in a silver-gray ethereal ball gown with a beaded bodice and a dramatic tulle embellishment skirt. In true Mr. de la Renta fashion, “Amy’s vision was brought to life in a carefully crafted manner—down to the smallest details” (WWD). On the skirt’s tiers, “every single eyelash was pulled by hand” (WWD).

I first became aware of Oscar de la Renta when I used to watch the red carpet coverage of awards season as a little girl, and I remember thinking that every gown made the lucky wearer look like a princess. Now, it is even clearer that Oscar has a way of striking the perfect balance—his gowns themselves are recognized as beautiful and detailed, but in the end, the woman wearing the gown is poised, graceful, and confident. She brings the look to life.

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This year, I was really in-tune with awards season. From the Critic’s Choice Awards, to the SAG Awards, to the Golden Globes, I found it so interesting to be informed, to see a few of the films, and to really admire the stories being told and the artistic performances of the actors. I noticed that often times, one can be given a powerful role that has dimension, depth, and audience appeal—but in the end it is really up to the actor to shine light on those elements, and to truly connect the role with something inside them. This way, the audience will truly connect too. I think we can liken this to fashion! Fashion is all about the woman, and the lady is the vehicle to take the looks from the runway to the red carpet. From Jennifer Lawrence’s in Dior Haute Couture, to Jessica Chastain in Giorgio Armani, the women of the evening showcased powerful looks still enchanted with a touch of femininity. The art and detail of these gowns may seem out of this world, but it is the women who wear them that bring such realistic beauty to the overall presentation.  

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I still experience the awe, inspiration, and excitement of a little girl when I see such beautiful gowns at such prestigious events, but now these moments are a little different. Having had experiences as an intern in the fashion world, I now have a deeper affinity for brands and what they can represent and create. Daily, I witness the details, the practicalities, and the many elements and decisions that combine to create a luxury lifestyle brand that represents an empowered, elegant woman.  Seeing Amy Adams in such a show-stopping creation reminds me that when the two worlds of creation and business meet, powerful brands form— and they grace our lives, reaching into the essence of who we are.

Being an LIM College student, experiencing different fashion internships, and living in New York City has really allowed me to broaden my horizons, to see the world differently, and to appreciate the complex and detailed beauty that truly composes even something that can seem so simple. College is all about learning things like this, and I hope you will come to find out that being a fashion student is truly so much more than it seems to be.

Until next week, wear your discoveries with poise, grace, and confidence.

XOXO Court

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