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Oscar de la Renta by day, Madison Square Garden by Night

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What is it like to live in New York City? Fascinating. You must be thinking how can one word be sufficient enough to describe living and learning fashion in one of the greatest cities in the world? Well, fascinating is the result of pigments of knowledge, moments of clarity or moments of wonder and discovery, of observation, and of little experiences that combine to give every day the chance to be captivating.

Living in New York City and going to LIM College presents the incredible opportunity to merge your passions and hobbies with the interests and concepts you are studying at school or learning in an internship. Here, school does not have to be that place that you dread going to during the week. Instead, it is the place where you simply enjoy applying outside knowledge from your daily experiences to concepts and ideas that you can then take with you into the world each day. It all melds together, and you will start to see that fashion is about awareness, observation, and experience. It’s about living.   

This past Thursday I stepped from the world of fashion to the world of sports. The entire day can basically be summed up by one phrase—Oscar de la Renta by day, Madison Square Garden by night. After months of counting down to the event, I finally watched the New York Knicks play my favorite NBA team, the Oklahoma City Thunder. I am a dedicated and passionate fan and sports enthusiast, so this was an incredible experience.

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On the surface fashion and sports may seem to be worlds apart, but in my mind they find common ground, especially when it comes to marketing, which I am studying at LIM College. As I sat down in my seat and experienced the live sports environment, I couldn’t help but glance around and observe the advertising, the promotions, and the spectators. Just like in the shopping environment, or in the fashion business, it is all about the consumer—every decision revolves around fulfilling their expectations. As I watched the game, it was also fun to try and figure out, who is the “Knicks fan?” What marketing tactics and initiatives have I been noticing throughout the game, and how do they connect with the target consumer? 

Not only did this experience connect with my passion for marketing and love for sports, but it also related to the concepts within fashion and business that span every major at LIM College. The New York Knicks apparel shop connects with concepts revolving around merchandising, the visual displays within the venue are appealing to anyone interested in the use of layouts, color, and graphic design, and it is intriguing to think about the planning and management that contributes to the success of a live event at a venue such as The Garden.

Learning at LIM College, coupled with having New York City as a campus, enriches the college experience and propels thought beyond the walls of the classroom.

My experience at the NBA game is one that will go down in my record books, along with my fashion internships at Oscar de la Renta, my many beautiful days spent in Central Park, and my ability to apply it all to the knowledge I am gaining in the classroom. These snapshots in time make my days fascinating.

Until next week, I hope you are captivated today, tomorrow, and for many days forward.

XOXO Court 

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