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Designer Clothes for Less: Thrifting in Brooklyn

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So while I am procrastinating studying for finals, I just want to let all of you that are reading in on a little secret…if you are looking for new clothes but are low on cash, venture out to Brooklyn to do some thrifting.

What is thrifting? Well, thrifting is when you go shopping at thrift stores. Some people think it's gross to shop at thrift stores because they think it's skeevy to buy clothes or accessories that were worn by other people. But when you buy anything at these places, the chances are good that most of the things have hardly been worn. You can find really great things at even better prices. Some of my finds have included brand-new L.A.M.B. sneakers for $30, a Marc by Marc Jacobs dress for $50, and some really trendy shirts that cost less than $10.

In my opinion, the best neighborhood to go thrifting is Brooklyn. There are places like PeachFrog, Beacon’s Closet, and Buffalo Exchange and they are all within walking distance of one another. Although you can find amazing things at these places, you need to have an immense amount of patience because you will have to dig through junk in order to find the treasures. But once you find something special, it is totally worth it because you will be able to buy something unique that isn’t too expensive. Also, the great part about thrifting in Brooklyn is that it’s a great scene for college kids because it’s really eclectic.

Anyway, thrifting is just a fun activity to do on a boring weekend…in fact, I plan on going this weekend!

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