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Taking a Chance on Interning at a Small Company

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So I just want to write about how much I love my internship at Greg Norman Collection.  I never thought interning at a golf apparel company would be so great! The company is totally legit, as they have really awesome products and get a lot more press than I ever expected. In fact, an article about the company was just in WWD this past week. Check the article out here:

Also, I’m really excited because the company is moving offices next week and I am going to get my own little desk in the new office. I know it’s such a silly thing, but I feel like I’m moving up in the intern world. At my past internships, I’ve been lucky if there’s even been a chair for me to sit on. So for me to have my own little spot with a computer and a pen holder is really exciting for me.

What is also really exciting is that I am going to start working on the social media marketing for the company. Basically what that means is that I am going to be on Facebook and Twitter all day…and it’s going to be for work! Social media has become really important for companies lately because it’s a really great way for them to connect to customers and admirers of the brand. LIM College has recognized this and is beginning to offer classes in social media marketing. I wish I could take some of the new classes, but unfortunately with graduation approaching next year (yikes!), I have no room in my schedule.

Anyway, the point of this is to once again remind everyone that it’s better to take a chance and get an internship with a small company. Yes, I know that everyone has grand dreams of interning at big name companies, but let me tell you a little secret…most of the time at those big companies, interns are basically just messengers. At a smaller company, you really do have a lot more chances to learn so much more.

As usual, just Facebook me if you have any questions, concerns, or just want to talk to a real LIM College student. I’m more informative than any brochure. Until next week!

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