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Fashion = Hard Work + Glamour + Hard Work

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Thanks to reality television shows like The Hills, the fashion industry has been idealized as an industry where the living and work is easy and glamorous at all times. While a career in fashion can be glamorous at times because of fashion shows, celebrities, and photo shoots, it’s hardly that easy. Since I’m pretty much a professional intern, I can say that from experience, working in fashion consists of dealing with organized chaos, extremely hard work, long hours, and does obtaining a degree from a fashion college such as LIM College.

As a second semester junior, I have seen numerous people enter LIM College thinking that they are the next Lauren Conrad or whatnot. They assume that because they love to go shopping, they are the perfect candidate for a fashion college. Well, we all know what happens when we assume things, which is why a lot of people are dumbstruck when they realize their schedule does not consists of courses such as “Shopping 101.”  People don’t realize that attending a fashion college is not all fun and games; you take real classes and need to participate in doing real work that helps prepare you for the real world.

LIM College may be touted as a fashion college, but in my opinion, it primarily is a business college with a fashion focus. Just look at some of the classes I have taken in my pursuit towards my marketing degree: Statistics, Retailing, Power of the Brand, Accounting, Business Law, Licensing, Economics, and Consumer Behavior, just to name a few. In each course most of the professors weave in current business examples not only from the fashion industry but other industries as well.  There is also a surprisingly massive amount of work associated with each class. While I may not write 20-page papers about great literary works, I do have to do intensive research projects about various companies. Each class also normally requires a team project in order to teach you about group dynamics so you are better prepared when entering the workforce. Because of this, I feel like I really have a well-rounded education that gives me a competitive edge when I am looking for internships, which is a topic that will be discussed in my next entry.

My point is that you should check your assumptions about attending a fashion college at the door. LIM College is a school that balances the fun and excitement of fashion with the knowledge and hard work of business, so you get the best of both worlds.

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