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A Positive Attitude Goes a Long Way When You're a Fashion Intern

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I must admit that sometimes when I'm recapping my week, I feel pretty boring. It seems like all I do is go to school and work; I barely even do anything on the weekends besides sleep and get errands done! But I guess that is life when you are a soon-to-be college graduate.

Anyway, I finally finished my midterms this week. I can officially breathe a sigh of relief! My News Reporting & Writing midterm actually surprised me because of the format. My professor gave us the class period to find three people to interview and then write a feature story about autumn in New York. I think that midterm will go down as the most unconventional midterm I’ve ever taken.

Although midterms are done and over, I now have to start thinking about final projects. I do not mind my final projects this semester because I only have two: a 10-minute presentation on an ethical issue for my Ethics class and a project for my Finance class. Also, the projects are not group projects (finally!). I am actually interested in getting my Finance project started because it revolves around tracking stocks that we “bought” at the beginning of the semester. I’m just interested to find out how much money I made…if only it were real!

This week at interning was pretty uneventful. One thing I worked on was preparing and delivering gift packages for editors of several publications. We are really trying to push our women’s line for Spring 2011, so we sent a bunch of editors a nicely wrapped package with a cute vest, a catalog, a look book, and a staff Staff Profiles Desktops & Documents mfinnin My Documents My Pictures Website images package delivery resized 600card. Not only did I have to put the packages together, but I had to deliver them as well. Some interns might have hated that they had to deliver packages, but it’s really important to remember to perform every task with a smile, no matter how much you don’t want to do it. A positive attitude goes a long way when you are an intern in the fashion world.

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