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Contemplating a New Internship at the Career Fair

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As Halloween approaches, not only do I have to think about my costume but I also have to start thinking about final projects!

While I write this, I am procrastinating starting my presentation for my Ethics class, even though the project is not that bad. All I have to do is make a 10-minute PowerPoint presentation on an ethical issue. I have chosen to do subliminal messages in pop culture and advertising. As I’m doing research, I’m pretty excited to make this presentation because it’s really an interesting topic. I am even tempted to say that I might have a little bit of fun with this project (who would have thought school projects could be fun?).

In addition to projects, I am also thinking about my Senior Co-op next semester. Senior Co-op is a six-credit class where you have to intern four days a week during the last semester of your senior year and complete a journal about your experience. While I would like to stay at my current internship at Greg Norman Collection for the spring, I am contemplating if I want to have a new experience.

I’m preparing to go to the Career Fair at LIM College this week and I’m really looking forward to it because some great companies are going to be there. Companies like MTV, Bergdorf’s, Scoop, and Kenneth Cole are going to be on campus interviewing students for Senior Co-op positions. So although I love my current internship, I am going to see what other options are available because it might be fun to accept an internship at a new company. I will keep you guys posted on how the Career Fair goes!

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