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Opportunities at the LIM College Career Fair

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The LIM College Career Fair was held this week. LIM College holds Career Fairs throughout the academic year. The fairs feature companies that are either looking for retail sales associates, interns, or full-time employees.
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This week’s Career Fair was for students looking for a Senior Co-op internship or a full-time job.  I must admit, I was dreading attending the fair because it was on my day off and I had the notion that it was going to be a big waste of my time. Well, I was completely wrong!  I loved every single minute of the Career Fair, particularly because I realized that just being yourself really makes you stand out.

The fair featured a great mix of companies. There were big companies, small companies, fashion companies, and companies from other industries. For example, MTV, Betsey Johnson, Kenneth Cole, Fendi, Gucci, 24 Seven Inc., and Iconix were just some of the companies that were present. You only have about 10-15 minutes to speak with each representative, so you really have to make yourself stand out. I found the best way to do that was to just relax, be confident, and be my wonderfully charming, witty, completely modest self.

I spoke with six companies looking for marketing interns for the spring semester: Tommy Hilfiger, Dylan’s Candy Bar, Universal Music Group, 7W Mart (they specialize in home décor), Evins Communications (a marketing and public relations firm), and J. Christopher Capital (they specialize in developing retail start-ups).

For every single company I spoke with, I made sure to emphasize my skills and experience. In addition, I researched the companies beforehand and made it a point to ask them questions about their operations. Overall, I got the impression that every company was impressed and I am already starting to receive calls for callback interviews!

One thing I need to mention…when you go on an interview, you need to be prepared to answer any question, no matter how weird it is. For example, one interviewer asked me, “If you were to present yourself to us as a package, what would your package look like?” What was my answer?  “I would be a big box because I have a big personality. I would have purple and orange wrapping paper because the combination of colors is unexpected and attracts attention, like me, and I would have a big white bow because I am a great gift wrapper.” The interviewer told me I nailed the question because most people don’t understand that they need to give a creative answer. So just always be prepared to think quickly!

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