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Senior Co-op Internship: The Decision is Made

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Thanksgiving break could not have come at a better time. Due to some miracle, I was actually able to enjoy a little mini-vacation.  I had one week to enjoy having no classes, no interning, and no headaches and it was marvelous! I enjoyed relaxing so much that I almost forgot that I still have to take some finals. I’m not too worried about finals, although I am a little freaked out when I start to think that my final semester will be here before I know it.

Speaking of the final semester, I think I have my Senior Co-op all sorted out. I’m just waiting for approval, but I am going to stay at Greg Norman Collection as a marketing intern. Although I’ve been there for a while, I still do learn a lot as an intern. Also, since I have been there for so long, I actually have a lot of input in regards to the marketing activities of the company. Plus, I had trouble justifying walking away from a paid internship since they are extremely rare. I’m sure that my experiences at Greg Norman will lead to even greater opportunities in the future.

So now with Co-op almost set in stone and the semester almost over, I’m going to have to reflect soon on how I will be entering the real world in a short five months. Maybe if I avoid thinking about it, it just won’t happen? I wish it could be that easy.

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