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Senior Co-op: Balancing a Fashion Industry Internship with Classwork

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I just need to start out by saying that I hate this winter weather we have been experiencing on the East Coast! I had yet another snow day this week because of the 15 inches Mother Nature decided to surprise us with this week. There is also a good possibility I will have another snow day next week because we might get another foot of snow!  So much for global warming…

Anyway, my Co-op class has actually been going really well. My group is so fantastic that I can’t believe it, given my past track record of having to deal with some less than desirable groups.  We just come into class on Fridays, talk to our professor and other classmates about our internships and projects, and then break off into our groups.

At the end of each class, we have to hand in a draft of a certain part of our marketing plan. So in order to get things done quickly, my group and I outline the specified section of the marketing plan, divide up the parts of the outline that everyone wants to be responsible for, make a plan for the next week, and then that’s it!

I think that since we are all seniors, we know how to best utilize our class time and understand that it’s important to stay on top of our work and maintain a good group dynamic. The more we work on our gluten-free private label brand project, the more I get really excited about it. We’re currently working on the packaging design and all of the product details…hopefully next week I can share our product design with you!

However, it is hard to keep on top of the project work since I am interning four full days a week. Sometimes, I forget that I am still in school because I get so wrapped up at interning. I really don’t even think of my internship as such; I think of my internship as a job. When you get an internship, I think it’s better if you view it as a real-world job because it makes you more dedicated and responsible.

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