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A Little Tidbit of Career Advice: Work Hard at Your Internship

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I’m starting to feel like a broken record. My life revolves around interning, the Capstone project, and figuring out which Starbucks coffee blend is strong enough to keep me going.

So why am I so stressed about this whole Capstone project?  Well, I didn’t realize just how much work it entailed. It seemed like a fun project at first, since the objective of the project is to create a new product and explain how you will bring it to the marketplace. That’s not that difficult, but the hardest part of the project is finding all the research to back up your product idea. You just have to trudge through Google to find this information and it’s a lot more time-consuming than I initially realized.

I also think I’m stressed about this project because sometimes it’s really hard to work with a group. We are all so busy with our internships that we sometimes forget we still have to do this project. Therefore, we’ve been putting the project on the back burner and now it’s come back to bite us. It’s just really hard to manage the group dynamics and have everyone be on the same page and send in all their stuff on time.

But not everything is stressful right now. My internship is actually going really well. I enjoy going to work on a daily basis since I have a lot more responsibilities than a typical intern. I’ve been granted these responsibilities because I have worked extremely hard and proven myself; therefore, my supervisor feels comfortable to just give me a whole bunch of projects and let do my own thing.

For example, I really have total control over the company’s Facebook and Twitter pages. This may not seem like a huge deal, but it is, since whatever I post and write reflects on the whole company. So a little tidbit of career advice: If you work really hard at your internships, you will be granted more responsibilities and may even be offered a job at that company! (I’m praying that scenario plays out with my current internship).

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