Whether it’s doing internships with top brands, working with celebrities, volunteering at Fashion Week, or interacting with industry professionals, LIM students are constantly gaining invaluable real-world experience that will help them pursue successful careers in all aspects of the business of fashion. Read more about some of those experiences here.

Hands-On Experience in Fashion

Reflections on an Internship: Going From Private to Private

Posted by LIM College on Wed, May 21, 2014 @ 02:00 PM

by Ruby Munoz (Class of 2016)

private buttons in elevator

My internship at Saint Laurent was actually my first internship, so in the beginning I didn’t know what to expect. It was actually a great experience.

My responsibilities included assisting the operational manager in maintaining an organized back of house, auditing and filing client consignment forms, handling inventory management, facilitating transfer requests, and back of house sales support.

Most of the time I worked in the stockrooms and I loved it, because every time I went into the elevator to move from one floor to another I needed a key to access the stockrooms, which in the elevator were marked as “private.” So, having the key to access the private rooms made me feel very important while interning… I just loved my weekends as an intern at Saint Laurent Paris.

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A Great Last Day at Saint Laurent

Posted by LIM College on Tue, May 13, 2014 @ 12:33 PM

by Ruby Munoz (Class of 2016)

I thought my last day interning at Saint Laurent was going to be a typical one, but it wasn’t.

I was working on my last project when someone came into the office and told me that he needed my help in the stockroom. So I went with him and when we got there, all my managers and some other co-workers were waiting for me. They all started clapping and I was like, "What is happening?"

They had a cake for me with "Thank You Ruby" written on it. I wasn’t expecting that! They also had a card on which they had all written thank you and goodbye notes, plus they gave me a gift certificate for a spa.

I also had something for them. I gave my three managers a thank you letter and I brought chocolates for all the sales associates. It was the perfect last day. Interning at Saint Laurent for a full semester was a great experience.

Thank you notes to Ruby

Ruby completed her Industry Exploration Internship at Saint Laurent Paris during the Spring 2014 semester.

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Fashion Show VIP Party Report

Posted by LIM College on Thu, Apr 10, 2014 @ 03:56 PM

by Nicole Porras (Class of 2015)

I am happy to say that the VIP Party for the 2014 LIM College Fashion Show went very well!

The salon in which the party was held was packed. This was our (Ashley and I) first sign that things were going well. Throughout the night various Fashion Show Production team members, as well as the directors, came in and out of the party to chat with VIP guests.

LIM College Fashion Show

The main “eye-catchers” we placed in the room displayed exactly what we wanted our guests to celebrate. There were enlargements of archival photos from LIM College to celebrate our 75th Anniversary, as well as the inspiration boards made by each of the student teams to celebrate the 70th annual Fashion Show. And let’s not forget the hors d'oeuvres and open bar!  Our VIPs were also given a free raffle ticket to win one of two spring-colored Furla bags.

LIM College Fashion Show

Between delicious food and great conversation, the party was filled with smiles and excitement – partly because everyone could see the lit-up stage and runway from the party. I hope that next year’s event is as much, or even more, of a success!

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Senior Co-op Internship in Ireland: Part II

Posted by LIM College on Tue, Apr 08, 2014 @ 12:40 PM

by Kaitlyn Leonard (Class of 2014)

Prior to working on developing Green Ireland International, I had very little to no knowledge about the Chinese culture or the clientele I was trying to attract. Within roughly two weeks I had to educate myself not only about Chinese culture, travel and interests, but also Irish culture, history, points of interest, top destinations and accommodations in order to build the stepping stones for development of Green Ireland International Ltd., DMC.

I have learned how to self-teach and manage my time to effectively meet deadlines and present quality work to my manager and the owners of the company. Developing this company has provided me the opportunity to work closely with the owners of the Resort and has given me the chance to travel throughout Ireland (and hopefully China too!). 

Cork CityCork City

Now halfway through internship, I’ve found that much of my success thus far has derived from the skills I obtained starting in my freshman year at LIM College.  Taking a risk, I came to Ireland to complete a marketing internship as a Management major concentrating in Retail and Merchandise Management, thinking I would be in for a rude awakening. Surprisingly, all of the skills gained and lessons learned from various courses, mentors, internships, scholarships and extra-curricular activities have guided me to successfully developing a wide range of expertise in various areas of the international business sector.

LIM interns and Fota Island Resort management teamLocal newspaper article featuring LIM interns
and Fota Island Resort management team

As I look forward to returning home to graduate from LIM and begin working for Macy’s.com in August, this opportunity to live and work abroad has offered me the chance to develop personally and professionally in a place where the grass is always green.  

Cliffs of MoherCliffs of Moher

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Senior Co-op Internship in Ireland: Part I

Posted by LIM College on Tue, Apr 01, 2014 @ 12:20 PM

by Kaitlyn Leonard (Class of 2014)

Since the spring semester began this past January, I have had the opportunity to spend my Senior Co-Op living and working in the south of Ireland at Fota Island Resort in County Cork.

The Lodges at Fota IslandThe Lodges at Fota Island

Upon my arrival in Ireland I thought their use of language and how they conducted business was going to be similar to how we speak and work in America, but to my surprise there are many differences between the two cultures.

The Irish people I have met are exceptionally laid back and have open hearts, little concern for time, and they give thank you’s by the millions. In New York, everyone tends to be caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, running past others to get to an appointment and drinking coffee on the go. The Irish like to spend time talking to everyone they pass and can spend an hour having a cup of coffee asking “How ya gettin’ on?” “What’s the news?” or “How’s the spin?”

Blarney CastleBlarney Castle

Working abroad as a Marketing Associate at Fota Island Resort has given me the chance to experience a wide range of international business concepts. Since being purchased in September by a wealthy Chinese family -- The Kang Family -- Fota Island Resort has gone through a great deal of change to integrate the Chinese and Irish cultures. These adjustments allow the Resort to be presented at a higher international level, catering to various cultures and clientele.

My role at Fota Island Resort has been to develop a subsidiary Destination Management Company to The Kang Family’s current travel operation businesses in China. Green Ireland International is an affiliate company to Xui Lan Holdings Ltd. and partner company to the soon-to-be-launched Fota Collection, which includes the recent purchases of The Kang Family, including Fota Island Resort, The Kingsley Hotel and four other perspective properties in Ireland.

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Planning the VIP Party for LIM’s Fashion Show

Posted by LIM College on Tue, Mar 11, 2014 @ 04:10 PM

by Nicole Porras (Class of 2015)

Planning the VIP Party for the LIM College Fashion Show has been a very exciting experience. 

The title of this year’s show is “Confectory” and the VIP party is meant to give guests a taste of what the show is all about, so we want to make sure they have a clear feel for that from the moment they walk in. I’m working with my classmate Ashley, and we were excited to hear that the theme is rooted in a sophisticated, candy-land inspiration.


Both Ashley and I are in charge of everything from decorations to entertainment for this event. We also have a very "sweet" surprise for our guests that will surely be fun for everyone.  

After seeing the venue, The Hammerstein Ballroom, it was important to make sure that everything we did in terms of space and color schemes was cohesive with the room in which the party will be held.

The fact that LIM is celebrating its 75th Anniversary this year and it’s our 70th annual fashion show makes our job even better! We are looking forward to introducing our guests to this new world of “Confectory” and celebrating a monumental event in our school’s history.

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Styling Models for Fashion Shoots

Posted by LIM College on Mon, Jan 13, 2014 @ 02:54 PM

by Alyssa Francois (Class of 2014)

The most exciting part of my fashion internship is being able to work with influential models and stylists.

During trunk show photo shoots, my main responsibility is to style all the models according to the stylist’s vision. This so rewarding because I am forming relationships at the same time. Very often the stylists also ask for my input on looks, and I love that I am part of the decision-making process.

I have learned so many things from stylists like Laura Vassar, who has been featured in Vogue. LIM College also has a great fashion styling course. An internship like the one I’m doing now would be great hands-on experience for anyone pursuing a concentration (that’s a focused area of study within your major here at LIM) in styling.

Alyssa Francois - LIM College

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Bringing a Garment to Life for a Fashion Shoot

Posted by LIM College on Mon, Jan 06, 2014 @ 12:46 PM

by Alyssa Francois (Class of 2014)

Those who have dreams and aspirations of being a fashion editor (like I do) would love being a part of the editorial process here. It’s rewarding to be able to see a vision come to life on set.

We recently did a photo shoot inspired by a “garden” theme. The clothes that were involved were infused with floral and insect prints. The main job was to make a story out of the garments and make them come to life. We sourced inspiration and created a vision board and decided what elements we were going to actually use from the board. It’s a fun and creative process.

Alyssa Francois - LIM College

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Preparing for a Photo Shoot Run-Through

Posted by LIM College on Mon, Dec 16, 2013 @ 02:43 PM

by Alyssa Francois (Class of 2014)

Being a Fashion Merchandising student has prepared me with many skills that coincide with the duties I have at Moda Operandi.

Prior to every photo shoot I am responsible for making sure the samples are merchandised neatly for the editor’s run-through. During the run-through process, the fashion editor goes through the clothing options that are available and creates outfits. It’s a fun process to observe and assist with. You are able to express your creativity. This part of my job would be appealing to those who are interested in becoming a stylist.

After the looks are put together, we then try them on our fit model to see if we need to make any adjustments or add any pieces to complete the look.

Alyssa Francois - LIM College

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Model Casting

Posted by LIM College on Wed, Dec 04, 2013 @ 04:32 PM

by Alyssa Francois (Class of 2014)

Working in photo shoot production at Moda Operandi requires me to participate in all things needed for the shoot. This includes the casting of models. It’s fun to be included in this because I get a feel for the image the Fashion Editor is going for on the project. Personality, a willingness to have fun, and being able to perform long hours on set are all part of the casting process.

During the casting we interview the models to obtain knowledge about their backgrounds and we learn a little about their modeling experience by looking at their books. After that, I take photos of them to file in our archives.

The photo process is fun. This is when the model breaks out of her shell. We ask the model to do whatever poses she likes, and as I’m taking pictures I’m also taking mental notes on how she moves and if she’s able to take direction accordingly.

The best part of it all is making connections and networking. Of course I have my favorites. Pictured below are two of my favorite models that we work with, Anatasija Kondratjeva and Kristy Kaurova. When on set, these girls have got the “Moves Like Jagger!”

Anatasija Kondratjeva, Alyssa Francois and Kristy Kaurova

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