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Learning Micro-strategy

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Today after my usual morning routine of running the daily flash reports and analyzing them, I was scheduled for a training session in the training room. The trainer went over the use of Micro-strategy software with me and three other interns. We learned how to navigate through Micro-strategy and use some of the key buttons to add or remove what we want in our final report.

What made me pretty excited was that the woman who trained us, Diane, knew who I was already and asked me how I liked being part of Barney’s internship program so far. This was because I am the only planning intern, as opposed to the 12 buying interns they hired. I felt this was a good thing, especially because she seemed so down-to-earth and nice. 

I was ready to tackle Micro-strategy after that training session. But someone wanted me to reformat an Excel document instead. It was a little tedious, but whatever helps them at the end of the day means I did my job!

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