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Keeping up with Senior Co-op Milestones

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Senior Co-op can be a huge headache, or it can be a breeze, it all depends on your group.

For me, the project began with a rough patch. I told myself I wasn’t going to have the group that fell behind, but unfortunately our group became that group for a little while. We did our Milestone 1 and ended up receiving a very low grade, which opened all our eyes to the fact that we did not put enough effort into it.

Milestone 1 is all about research, and heck, we did no research. We used information that we knew from our heads and the research we did look up, we didn’t even APA format it! I have no idea what any of us were thinking. This set us back a bit because not only did we have to redo Milestone 1, but we still had to get Milestone 2 finished in time to hand in. It can be hard to catch up if you fall behind. So the best advice I can give is do you work thoroughly when working on the tasks, don’t be lazy!

Also, during the week you think you can make time to meet up with your group but it rarely happens because every group member is on a different schedule with their internships, jobs, etc. So using your time wisely in your Friday class is where you will get most to almost all the work finished. Of course it is hard to balance a job, interning all week, personal life, etc., but you have to remember you are not the only one in the Senior class taking on all those roles. You just have to stay motivated and dedicated to working hard and moving forward instead of backwards.

Luckily for us, we got Milestone 1 redone, Milestone 2 handed in on time, and now are moving forward and finishing up Milestone 3 to be handed in next week.

describe the image
Above is an example of one of the tasks you need to complete in your Milestones. This is an organizational chart of your start-up company. After deciding what positions you will have, you then need to describe each of their roles and responsibilities.


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