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Tackling the Career Fair: Prep and Do Your Research

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During your Senior Co-op semester you have a chance to attend a Career Fair and a prep day for it. These are two important days during your last semester. Attending these events benefits you and lets you network with students, professors, and ultimately, the number-one goal, the visiting companies.

At the Career Fair prep event you get to meet with professors and do a mock interview, which helps you get your mess-ups out of the way before the big day. You also get an exclusive introduction to executive training programs and the chance to meet with two employees from each company. I was very interested in the training program at Saks or Macy’s, but what I wasn’t expecting was Toys R Us to be there with information about their executive training program in Wayne, NJ. Since I am originally from New Jersey, this opened my eyes up to another opportunity outside of New York.

Career Day is a day to meet with various companies and hopefully show them how much you know about them. The best way to do this is to do research on the company after receiving the final list at the Career Fair prep day. What I then did was pick the top ten companies I am interested in meeting with and started my research. The best thing to do is look up current news (within the last month) about the company so you will know what has been going on within the organization -- such as job openings, store closings, etc.

Attending Career Fair prep day and researching companies helps you on Career Day. You can tackle as many companies as possible and be confident in knowing you have something to offer them.

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