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Making my way out of my apartment into the sunshine-filled streets of an approaching NYC Fall season for the third time around, I reflect a bit. Thinking back, this time just three years ago, I was heading from my very first dorm to the subway on my way to explore my new home. I honestly considered the subway to be my magic carpet of the city. One prepaid, unlimited Metro card could bring me to just about any and everything I could consider entertaining in this land of endlessly hopeful dreams. Finding such power in my independence just a month into my new life as a New York City fashion student, I knew this was growing up.

Now, back to the future. Let me introduce myself! My name is Meghan McDermott and I am a Visual Merchandising major here at LIM College. While this is my third year here, I actually just changed my major from Fashion Merchandising to Visual Merchandising. Although some may say I'm foolish to change my major so late in the game, I couldn't be happier than where I am right now.

Taking a trip down memory lane, through every obstacle and each opportunity I was blessed enough to receive back in tenfold, it’s impossible to feel inferior to any considered "setback" while I now stand above, looking down the path that led me to who I am today.

From an internship at Seventeen magazine, to a job styling at a high-end city boutique and interning with an independent arts organization all while remaining a full-time student - it's simple to say that a great deal of the wildest dreams I came here with have become and remain my reality.

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