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Focusing on Fashion Entrepreneurship and Drawing and Design Skills

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Welcome back to another promising semester here at LIM College! It’s safe to say that Spring semester can seem a bit more intimidating for all of us. While we attempt to settle back into the daily groove of routine and self-discipline, my current mantra is; “No matter how you feel; get up, dress up and show up.”

I’m committing full-time again with a 6-course workload. Entrepreneurship is my main interest this semester. I’m aiming to enhance my fashion business and fashion management skills to ensure a more efficient operation of my independent accessories line.

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As far as my Visual Merchandising courses, I selected Visual Technology & Design and Drawing Design Studio. Visual Technology & Design uses an online store design program to demonstrate the merchandising process in a fully customizable manner. This will allow me to create my visions in a multi-dimensional presentation, and develop my interests into concrete skills.

Drawing Design Studio is about acquiring fundamental drawing skills that can be used as a visual merchandiser. Possessing the ability to create a freehand sketch of my project concepts on the spot for clients will be an asset that will let me get me ahead of the game and allow me to surpass initial expectations.

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Until next time, check out my new collaborative lifestyle opinion blog with a fellow accessories designer in California called COAST.


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