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New York Fashion Week: Take 2

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Talk about a showcase! Anna Sui’s runway show for New York Fashion Week opened to a complete bandstand feel -- with mod hair and classic makeup to boot.

Eclectic A-line prints varied from vibrant checkerboards to tight-knit boucle. Draped in patterned garments that fell to the knee, this collection of monochromatic hues and autumnal jewel tones represented a new touch on the 60’s greatest hits.

A variety of bibs adorned nearly every garment, be it embellished and structured or velvet scalloping. Haute metallics and innovatively patterned tights complemented headpieces, oversized vests and fitted pants galore.

volunteer at fashion week

Channeling 60’s maven Edie Sedgwick in the classic Factory Girl, models strutted down the runway with quilted handbags dangling on their forearms and a cigarette daintily resting between their fingertips. Chunky sunburst pendants cascaded from clavicle to mid-stomach, reflecting the light in a kaleidoscope of colors.

Anna Sui pushed the envelope as she incorporated a very streamlined and futuristic style of sunglasses into this vintage aesthetic. A very sleek pair with a thin profile that grazed the horizon of each models brows brought a semblance of new-age to classically inspired styles. 

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