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Showcasing My Accessories Line in Williamsburg

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As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I intern with an international indie arts organization called RAW Natural Born Artists. This organization allows the RAW team to present a collective event showcasing about 40 artists in the fields of photography, hair, make up, film, fashion, music and more.                

I was lucky enough to showcase my accessories line, Trash & Treasure, at our official re-launch this past Thursday at Public Assembly in Williamsburg. I created a pop-up shop that showcased cohesion between my passions for visual merchandising and designing handmade accessories. Business is now booming, with new clients as well as extremely promising business opportunities in the near future.

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I was thrilled and humbled by the incredible feedback throughout the night and in the days that followed. It’s truly inspiring to realize that not only friends and family, but complete strangers, can support and recognize your passion, work ethic and drive. All of the contributive insight and wise wishes have influenced me to chase my dreams wholeheartedly and truly replenished my realization that you are never too young or old to live inside your imagination with full hopes of making it your reality. We are never inferior to the pursuit of success and living out our wildest aspirations.

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Never, ever give up on what gets you out of bed in the morning and has you eager for the future. Cultivate your dreams and manifest them in your daily life because this is what living is about. Look where your feet are; if you take each step with full confidence in who you are and where you wish to go then you’re already on the right track.

Xx Meg

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