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5 Fun and Free Things to Do in New York City this Spring

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Spring is here. As a fashion school student in NYC, you may be on a tight budget, but there are plenty of fun and free things to do! Below are 5 of my favorites.

1. Manhattenhenge! May 30/31 & July 11/12 – 8:25PM
Four times a year the sun will perfectly align with Manhattan’s grid. As it sets, both sides of every street will be illuminated. Get your instagram ready!

2. NYC 8th Citywide Pillow Fight! April 6 – 3PM
Head over to Washington Square Park with your fluffiest pillows this Saturday! While the feather ones are discouraged due to the mess, I’d just say go for it. Not only will you and your friends have a blast, but the pillows will be donated to homeless organizations so it’s a win-win.

3. Central Park Stroll!
Spend a Saturday roaming around the wonderland that is Central Park. You can really get lost in its beauty, so bring a friend, have a picnic and make it a weekend adventure.

4. Hester Street Fair! Every Saturday from May to October – 10AM to 6PM
The city is filled with street fairs once the warm weather starts to open up. This little fair features jewelry, clothing, accessories and more from over 50 vendors.

5. Free Yoga! All of May – 9:30 to 11AM
Grab a mat and some friends then head over to Socrates Sculpture Park in Long Island City for a free yoga session with some gorgeous scenery and fresh air.

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