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How to Land a Summer Fashion Internship - Part I

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The semester is coming to a close, and while most of us are eager to enjoy a few months of nothing but sunshine and relaxation, why not add something constructive into the mix? A summer internship allows you to make use of your free time without monopolizing it so much that you feel robbed of a break. There are a ton of internships you can find that require a 3 day minimum commitment. So 3 out of 7 days per week allows you 4 days of complete freedom!

There are tons of websites that you can check out that will provide options you’re on the hunt for. Head over to or to start accessing listings for companies from fashion design to fashion PR, to fashion magazines and more. Just prep your cover letter and have your resume ready for when you come across your ideal listing.

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Once you’ve submitted your cover letter and resume be sure to follow up within a week to a week-and-a-half to ensure they received your submission. This will show how eager, dedicated and passionate you are about the position and may even speed up their decision process. But be sure not to be pushy or invasive. Be calm, professional and relaxed in your tone and delivery. Keep in mind, there actually is such a thing as too friendly and overly eager.

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