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How to Land a Summer Fashion Internship - Part 2

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When it comes to your interview, make sure you dress to impress as yourself. Be sure to outwardly reflect your personality. You can do so by incorporating a conversational piece into your wardrobe such as a family heirloom jewelry piece or that hidden gem vintage Chanel bag you scored rifling through thrift shops in the Village.

Another key? Arrive 10 minutes early with a warm smile and your trusty kit in hand including unfolded copies of your resume, cover letter, portfolio and business cards. You will be perceived as prepared, proactive and timely all in one first impression. Be prepared to inform and persuade and ask questions about the company, position and internship program. Follow up the interview with a handwritten thank you note the next day.

Now let’s review the most important aspects of landing your dream internship in fashion…

1. Do the research; review all sorts of websites dedicated to NYC internships.

2. Be prepared; update and review both your resume and cover letter.

3. Express your personality through your individual style.

4. Arrive 10 minutes early - it’s the new fashionably late!

5. Always follow up on resume submissions, always send handwritten thank you notes after interviews.

6. Prep your wardrobe, your schedule and your mindset for the internship you’re about to land!

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