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Getting an Internship in Fashion – Part II

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If you plan to try and get a fashion internship on your own, you should first make sure that your resume is up to date.  The LIM College Center for Career Management frequently sends out emails about career counselors being willing to help us set up the perfect resume. The offer is there, so why not utilize it?

The layout of a resume is really important. Even the words you use to describe your past work experience are taken into serious consideration when companies are deciding if they want to interview you. Make sure your resume is reviewed by LIM; our professors and career counselors are here to help us.

You also need to make sure that you are confident. Don't be shy to go in stores and ask if they are looking for any interns. I always make sure that I have an LIM College business card and a resume with me wherever I go. If they're not looking for interns, just go to some other places that would be your dream places to intern at. You won't know unless you try!A photo from my internship at promgirl

A photo from my internship at promgirl

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